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Welcome to Southern Theatres 2, your top choice for a first-rate moviegoing experience. Southern Theatres 2 is dedicated to offering top-notch entertainment and boasts cutting-edge amenities and an amazing lineup of movies that appeal to a variety of people.

Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities at Southern Theatres 2. Our cinemas provide cozy seats, allowing you to unwind and fully immerse yourself in the cinematic experience. With state-of-the-art technology and premium screens, we produce a visually spectacular experience that immerses you in the narrative. Whether you want to see an intimate independent film or an action-packed blockbuster, Southern Theatres 2 ensures that your moviegoing experience will be one to remember.

Southern Theatres 2 offers a vast selection of movies in various genres to suit every preference. We offer a varied variety to please all movie buffs, ranging from the newest Hollywood blockbusters to critically renowned art-house movies. We always have trained professionals on hand to help you choose the ideal movie for your entertainment.

Beyond only movies, Southern Theatres 2 offers more. To make your visit even better, our theaters provide a variety of comforts and services. Enjoy savory concessions at our snack bars, which provide a variety of tasty foods and hydrating beverages. We have everything you may want to satiate your cravings, from traditional popcorn and soda to gourmet choices.

Southern Theatres 2 is conveniently situated in a great area and offers easy access and plenty of parking for your convenience. We are dedicated to making sure that every one of our visitors feels at home and welcome, making the entire experience simple and pleasurable.

At Southern Theatres 2, enjoy the wonder of the big screen. We proudly stand as your top choice for cinematic delight because of our commitment to providing top-notch entertainment and a memorable moviegoing experience. Come experience something exceptional with us at Southern Theatres 2, where every second matters.

Ticket Pricing Table Southern Theatres 2:

Ticket Type Price
Adult Starting from $10.99 - $13.99
Senior (60+) Starting from $8.99 - $11.99
Child (2-12) Starting from $7.99 - $9.99
Student Starting from $8.99 - $11.99
Military Starting from $8.99 - $11.99

Please be aware that ticket prices are subject to change and may vary depending on factors such as showtimes, special events, promotions, the day of the week, time of the day, location of the theater, and the type of movie (e.g., 2D, 3D, IMAX, Dolby, etc.).


Showtimes at Southern Theatres 2 today, Friday, May 24, 2024

Trolls Band Together (2023)

R13 | 2h40 | Action/Adventure, Animated, Comedy

Wonka (2023)

R13 | 2h40 | Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Migration (2023)

R13 | 2h40 | Animated, Comedy

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (2023)

R13 | 2h40 | Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

The Beekeeper (2024)

R13 | 2h40 | Action/Adventure, Suspense/Thriller

Madame Web (2024)

R13 | 2h40 | Suspense/Thriller

Argylle (2024)

R13 | 2h40 | Action/Adventure, Suspense/Thriller

Night Swim (2024)

R13 | 1h56 | Horror, Suspense/Thriller

Imaginary (2024)

R13 | 2h40 |

Arthur the King (2024)

R13 | 2h40 | Drama

The Book of Clarence (2024)

R13 | 2h16 | Comedy, Drama

The Chosen: Season 4 Episodes 7-8

R13 | 2h50 | Concert/Special Events

Kung Fu Panda 4 (2024)

R13 | 1h34 | Action/Adventure, Animated, Comedy

Cabrini (2024)

R13 | 2h40 | Drama

Land of Bad (2024)

R13 | 1h50 |

Forty-Seven Days with Jesus (2024)

R13 | 1h50 |

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba - To the Hashira Training (2024)

R13 | 2h40 | Action/Adventure, Animated, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Stopmotion (2024)

R13 | 1h33 | Horror, Suspense/Thriller

Bob Marley: One Love (2024)

R13 | 1h47 | Drama

Hate to Love: Nickelback (2024)

R13 | 1h46 | Concert/Special Events, Music/Performing Arts

Gaami (2024)

R13 | 2h30 | Drama