Arthur the King (2024)

Arthur the King (2024)

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  • R13 | 2h40 | Drama
  • In Theaters: Fri, Mar 15, 2024
  • Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Nathalie Emmanuel, Simu Liu... more

The PG-13 film Arthur the King (2024) will be released on Friday, March 22, 2024. Based on an amazing true event, the movie tells the narrative of professional adventure racer Michael Light (Mark Wahlberg) and his odd travel partner, Arthur, a stray dog with tenacity. The voyage spans 10 days and 435 miles. The story follows Light as he convinces a sponsor to back him and his athletes-Alien Suliman, Simu Liu, and Nathalie Emmanuel-in the Adventure Racing World Championship in the Dominican Republic because he is desperate for one final chance to win. The team is tested to the breaking point during the demanding race, and Arthur's presence provides a moving examination of what true victory, devotion, and friendship really mean.


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