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Greetings from Dipson Theatres, a renowned chain of movie theaters committed to spreading the wonder of cinema to viewers everywhere. Dipson Theatres has made a name for itself in the business as a reliable brand thanks to its long history and dedication to providing high-quality entertainment. Let's explore what makes Dipson Theatres unique and why it attracts moviegoers year after year.

At Dipson Theatres, we put the movie-going experience first to make sure that each trip is pleasurable and memorable. We provide an immersive environment that immerses viewers in the world of their favorite movies with cutting-edge equipment, cozy seating, and excellent projection and sound systems.

Our theaters show a wide range of movies, appealing to people of all ages and interests. We work hard to compile a diverse portfolio that appeals to all movie fans, including the newest blockbusters, indie treasures, and classic masterpieces. Everyone may find something to enjoy at Dipson Theatres, whether they prefer suspenseful thrillers, uplifting dramas, action-packed adventures, or hilarious comedies.

Along with our dedication to high-quality film, we also place a high priority on client happiness. From the time you enter our cinemas, you will have a smooth and delightful experience thanks to our helpful and courteous personnel who are always there to help. We appreciate your feedback and work hard to improve our services so that they meet and even surpass your expectations.

We at Dipson Theatres are honored to be active members of the communities we serve. We sponsor neighborhood activities, charities, and educational initiatives because we believe in giving back to the community. We recognize the value of being an essential member of the community and work hard to enhance its development and well-being.

Dipson Theatres provides a variety of promos, special offers, and loyalty programs to increase the value of your moviegoing experience for those looking for economical entertainment options. Discover the most recent offers and impending releases by keeping up with us on our website and social media outlets.

Ticket Pricing Table Dipson Theatres:

Ticket Type Price Range
Adult Starting from $9.00 - $12.50
Child (under 12) Starting from $6.00 - $9.00
Senior (65+) Starting from $7.00 - $9.50
Student Starting from $8.00 - $10.50
Military Starting from $8.00 - $10.50

Please be aware that ticket prices are subject to change and may vary depending on factors such as showtimes, special events, promotions, the day of the week, time of the day, location of the theater, and the type of movie (e.g., 2D, 3D, IMAX, Dolby, etc.).


Showtimes at Dipson Theatres today, Sunday, Apr 21, 2024

Wonka (2023)

R13 | 2h40 | Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Madame Web (2024)

R13 | 2h40 | Suspense/Thriller

Imaginary (2024)

R13 | 2h40 |

Arthur the King (2024)

R13 | 2h40 | Drama

Gone with the Wind 85th Anniversary (2024)

R13 | 4h2 | Concert/Special Events

Kung Fu Panda 4 (2024)

R13 | 1h34 | Action/Adventure, Animated, Comedy

Cabrini (2024)

R13 | 2h40 | Drama

Forty-Seven Days with Jesus (2024)

R13 | 1h50 |

One Life (2024)

R13 | 1h49 | Documentary, Drama

Bob Marley: One Love (2024)

R13 | 1h47 | Drama