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Welcome to Cinergy Entertainment, where you may find the most exhilarating shows and unique experiences. Cinergy Entertainment is the ideal location for family enjoyment and socializing with friends because of its dedication to providing excellent customer service, cutting-edge technology, and a variety of attractions.

At Cinergy, we think entertainment ought to be a thrilling and immersive experience. We provide a range of attractions all under one roof because of this. There is plenty for everyone to enjoy, including cutting-edge movie theaters, intriguing escape rooms, thrilling laser tag, and exciting arcade games.

Cinergy takes pride in providing the newest in technology and innovation as a premier entertainment destination. Every film is brought to life with astonishing clarity and deep soundscapes thanks to the most up-to-date audiovisual technology found in our theaters, including enormous screens and top-tier audio. Our theaters offer an unmatched cinematic experience, whether you're watching the newest Hollywood blockbuster or an independent gem.

However, Cinergy is not limited to film. To keep the fun going, we provide a variety of entertainment options. Engage in an adrenaline-pumping game of laser tag with your buddies in which you must negotiate challenging obstacles and vie for victory. In our immersive escape rooms, you may put your problem-solving skills to the test as you solve puzzles and find the keys to freedom. For gamers, we have a ton of the newest and best games in our arcade, which will keep you occupied for hours.

Cinergy is aware of how important comfort and convenience are. We offer conveniences like cozy seating, a wide selection of food and drink options, and online ticketing to make it simple for you to visit your favorite attractions. Our helpful and educated staff is available at all times to help you and make sure your stay is delightful from beginning to end.

We take pleasure in providing a secure and friendly atmosphere for everyone. All visitors can take advantage of the thrills and pleasure we have to offer thanks to the accessibility of our facilities.

Cinergy is the best option for hosting occasions and celebrations. Whether you're organizing a birthday celebration, business getaway, or educational excursion, our committed event planners will collaborate with you to provide a memorable experience specific to your requirements.

Ticket Pricing Table Cinergy Entertainment:

Ticket Type Price
General Admission Starting from $9.99 - $14.99
Child (ages 3-11) Starting from $7.99 - $11.99
Senior Citizen Starting from $7.99 - $11.99
Student (with ID) Starting from $8.99 - $13.99
Military (with ID) Starting from $8.99 - $13.99
Matinee (before 6:00 PM) Starting from $7.99 - $12.99
3D Surcharge Starting from $3.00 - $5.00
XD Experience Starting from $2.00 - $4.00
D-BOX Motion Seats Starting from $10.00 - $12.00
VIP Luxury Lounger Starting from $14.99 - $19.99

Please be aware that ticket prices are subject to change and may vary depending on factors such as showtimes, special events, promotions, the day of the week, time of the day, location of the theater, and the type of movie (e.g., 2D, 3D, IMAX, Dolby, etc.).


Showtimes at Cinergy Entertainment today, Monday, Apr 15, 2024

Wonka (2023)

R13 | 2h40 | Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Migration (2023)

R13 | 2h40 | Animated, Comedy

The Beekeeper (2024)

R13 | 2h40 | Action/Adventure, Suspense/Thriller

Madame Web (2024)

R13 | 2h40 | Suspense/Thriller

Unsung Hero (2024)

R13 | 2h40 | Drama

Night Swim (2024)

R13 | 1h56 | Horror, Suspense/Thriller

Imaginary (2024)

R13 | 2h40 |

Arthur the King (2024)

R13 | 2h40 | Drama

Kung Fu Panda 4 (2024)

R13 | 1h34 | Action/Adventure, Animated, Comedy

The American Society of Magical Negroes (2024)

R13 | 2h40 |

Cabrini (2024)

R13 | 2h40 | Drama

Land of Bad (2024)

R13 | 1h50 |

Forty-Seven Days with Jesus (2024)

R13 | 1h50 |

Someone Like You (2024)

R13 | 1h58 | Drama, Romance

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba - To the Hashira Training (2024)

R13 | 2h40 | Action/Adventure, Animated, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Bob Marley: One Love (2024)

R13 | 1h47 | Drama