Who Are the Marcuses? (2022)

Who Are the Marcuses? (2022)

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  • R13 | 1h25 | Documentary
  • In Theaters: Wed, Oct 18, 2023

The thought-provoking documentary Who Are the Marcuses? explores the enthralling tale of a Long Island couple whose unique gift has the potential to promote peace and advance climate action using cutting-edge water technology. This film, which was directed by Matthew Mishory, takes viewers on a quest to solve the puzzles involving the mysterious Marcus family.

The Marcuses have sparked a movement towards a sustainable future with their half a billion dollar investment, acting as change agents. The documentary highlights the Marcus family's tremendous impact and the relevance of their charity on a global scale through interviews with well-known individuals like Warren Buffett and Yitzhak Herzog.

Viewers will see the transformational power of visionary thinking and how one act of compassion can have broad repercussions as they dig into the lives of Ellen Marcus and her family. In addition to examining the significance of water technology, Who Are the Marcuses? poses concerns about the interdependence of humanity and our shared obligation to preserve the environment.

This documentary is a must-watch for those looking for inspiration and a deeper knowledge of the people impacting our world thanks to its fascinating storyline and perceptive interviews. Be ready to be moved and educated by the Marcuses' narrative as they redefine charity and its ability to usher in a better future.


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