The Wind Rises 10th Anniversary - Studio Ghibli Fest 2023

The Wind Rises 10th Anniversary - Studio Ghibli Fest 2023

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  • R13 | 2h20 | Concert/Special Events
  • In Theaters: Mon, Aug 21, 2023

Prepare to be mesmerized by the timeless beauty of The Wind Rises 10th Anniversary at the highly anticipated Studio Ghibli Fest 2023. Studio Ghibli lovers and movie buffs alike can look forward to an amazing experience at this extraordinary concert and unique event.

Jiro Horikoshi was a talented Japanese aircraft designer, and the book The Wind Rises takes us on a spectacular journey through his life. This moving story, which is set in pre-World War II Japan, focuses on Jiro's love of aviation, his quest to build stunning aircraft, and the difficulties he encounters along the way.

The opportunity to relive the wonder of this legendary movie on the big screen is provided by this 10th anniversary celebration. Take in the stunning animation and moving narrative that have made Studio Ghibli a household name. The movie's gripping story and visually gorgeous visuals perfectly express love, dreams, and the unbreakable spirit of the human heart.

Fans of Studio Ghibli and anyone who enjoy compelling storytelling must attend this concert and unique event. On Monday, August 21, 2023, join us for an extraordinary cinematic experience that will take you to a place where creativity has no boundaries.

With a running time of almost 2 hours and 20 minutes, The Wind Rises 10th Anniversary gives you plenty of time to be enthralled by its craftsmanship and engulfed in its potent emotions.

Schedule this event in your calendars and get ready to commemorate Studio Ghibli's legacy with The Wind Rises 10th Anniversary. Take a trip through love, tenacity, and the pursuit of dreams as you watch the magic of this incredible movie come to life in front of your eyes.


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