The Peasants (2023)

The Peasants (2023)

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  • R13 | 1h54 | Animated, Drama
  • In Theaters: Fri, Oct 13, 2023

The Peasants (2023), an NR-rated film that lasts for one hour and fifty-four minutes, is a gripping story that takes place in a Polish village in the late 19th century. The protagonist of this tale is Jagna, a young lady with a strong will who is committed to forging her own path within the limitations of her time and location. The hamlet, a mash-up of long-standing rivalries, close-knit customs, and gossip, is united by a profound sense of patriarchy and pride in their homeland. Jagna finds herself involved in the conflicting interests of the richest farmer in the hamlet, his eldest son, and other powerful men as she makes her way through the intricate web of societal expectations. She embarks on a sad journey of confrontation with the fundamental fabric of her society as a result of her rebellion against these influences.


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