The Other Zoey (2023)

The Other Zoey (2023)

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  • R13 | 1h26 | Comedy, Romance
  • In Theaters: Fri, Oct 20, 2023
  • Cast: Josephine Langford, Drew Starkey, Archie Renaux... more

The gifted Josephine Langford plays Zoey Miller in THE OTHER ZOEY (2023), a smart computer major who thinks she has figured out the secret to love. But when Zach, a well-known collegiate soccer player portrayed by Drew Starkey, suffers from amnesia and thinks Zoey is his girlfriend, her entire life comes crashing down. While negotiating this unanticipated detour, she encounters Zach's cousin Miles, portrayed by Archie Renaux. The two hit it up right away and had a certain connection. Zoey is caught between two hearts as she carries on with her farce with Zach. This October 20, 2023, comedy-drama, directed by Sara Zandieh and written by Matthew Tabak, explores the intricacies of love, decisions, and unexpected turns. It also stars Heather Graham and Andie MacDowell in standout roles.


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