The Miracle Club (2023)

The Miracle Club (2023)

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  • R13 | 1h31 | Comedy
  • In Theaters: Fri, Jul 14, 2023
  • Cast: Laura Linney, Kathy Bates, Maggie Smith... more

A delightful comedy that takes you on a journey of faith, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams, The Miracle Club welcomes you to its enchanted universe. This movie, which is set in the gorgeous French town of Lourdes, conveys the wonder and marvels that entice millions of tourists there each year.

However, the beginning of our tale takes place in 1967 in Ballygar, Ireland, where the community's spirit and tenacity are put to the test. The women of Ballygar long for a chance to escape their home routines and take in the wonders of the world despite their daily challenges and social constraints. Their only chance of success is to be granted entry to Lourdes, a holy place where miracles are reported to occur.

The Miracle Club, a Thaddeus O'Sullivan-directed film, draws you into the colourful and enthralling Ballygar world. A brilliant ensemble cast led by Laura Linney, Kathy Bates, Maggie Smith, and Stephen Rea brings to life the joy, levity, and tenacity of the residents in this tight-knit neighbourhood.

The movie examines concepts of allegiance, faith, and the strength of community as the women set off on their journeys towards spiritual enlightenment and independence. It serves as a reminder that miracles can occur when we have faith in our abilities and stand by one another.

The Miracle Club, produced by Joshua D. Maurer, Chris Curling, and a gifted team, is a monument to the resilience of the human spirit and the healing power of hope. The movie spins a tale of inspiration with a heartwarming and lighthearted screenplay by Joshua D. Maurer, Timothy Prager, and Jimmy Smallhorne that will make you grin.

Beginning on July 14, 2023, see The Miracle Club in theatres to experience its humour and wonder. Come along on this amazing adventure with us as we see the exceptional unfold in the most surprising ways. Prepare to have faith in miracles and be enthralled by a tale that honours the tenacity of the human spirit.


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