The Devil Comes to Kansas City (2023)

The Devil Comes to Kansas City (2023)

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  • R13 | 2h40 | Drama
  • In Theaters: Sat, Oct 21, 2023
  • Cast: Ben Gavin, Kirk Fox, Jim O'Heir... more

In THE DEVIL COMES TO KANSAS CITY (2023), disaster upends Paul Wilson's peaceful existence as a loving husband and father. Paul has a modest life on his farm in Iowa, but when his wife is brutally murdered and their daughter is kidnapped in the middle of Kansas City, everything in his life is flipped upside down. Paul's shadowy past as a former mercenary reemerges beneath the outward appearance of a straightforward farmer. Paul sets off on a dangerous trek into the underworld of the city in an effort to save his daughter and face the demons of his past. Ben Gavin, Kirk Fox, and Jim O'Heir give outstanding performances in this suspenseful drama that Michael P. Blevins both directed and wrote. Explore a story about forgiveness, retribution, and the lengths people will go to for family.


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