The Crime is Mine (2023)

The Crime is Mine (2023)

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  • R13 | 1h42 | Comedy
  • In Theaters: Mon, Dec 25, 2023
  • Cast: Nadia Tereszkiewicz, Rebecca Marder, Isabelle Huppert... more

With The Crime Is Mine, a comic farce directed by the stylistically varied François Ozon, you can enter the seductive shadows of Paris in the 1930s. The movie tells the story of Madeleine, played by struggling actress Nadia Terezkiewicz, and her best friend Pauline, played by unemployed lawyer Rebecca Marder. Together, they make their way through the seedy underbelly of a glamorous metropolis, from their small flat where they are overdue on their rent to the scandal spotlight. Following an awkward encounter with a theatrical producer, Madeleine finds herself at the center of a murder investigation, and her trial propels her into notoriety and unexpected celebrity. Pauline takes on the role of her legal representative and mastermind of the media hysteria that ensues. This picture, which stars Isabelle Huppert, Dany Boon, and Fabrice Luchini, is expected to be intriguing and a clever societal criticism. The Crime Is Mine is slated to debut on December 25, 2023. It promises to be a spectacle that combines dramatic truth-seeking with scathing humor, all encased in a murder mystery with a rebellious female twist.


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