The Adults (2023)

The Adults (2023)

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  • R13 | 1h31 | Comedy, Drama
  • In Theaters: Fri, Aug 18, 2023
  • Cast: Michael Cera, Hannah Gross, Sophia Lillis... more

Prepare yourself for a moving and realistic trip with The Adults. Eric, played by the great Michael Cera in this comedy-drama movie directed by Dustin Guy Defa, comes home for a little visit. Eric finds himself dealing with issues from his past and uncovering long-kept truths as he juggles getting back together with his sisters and trying to win with his old poker team.

As the journey progresses, Eric's carefully crafted adult persona begins to fall apart, forcing him to acknowledge the gap between his younger self and the adult he has become. In the meantime, Rachel, played by Hannah Gross, works through the challenges of her own transition as his sister Maggie, played by Sophia Lillis, strives to rebuild the private world they once shared.

The comedy-drama The Adults explores the difficulties of bridging the past and the present as well as the complications of growing up. With the help of its all-star cast, which includes Wavyy Jonez, Anoop Desai, Kyra Tantao, and others, the movie manages to convey the subtleties of sibling relationships as well as the nostalgic melancholy of going home.

The one-hour, 31-minute play The Adults encourages viewers to consider their own maturity journeys, family ties, and the strength of facing one's past. The touching and realistic story in this NR-rated movie will appeal to viewers of all ages.

Witness the smiles, sobs, and touching scenes as Eric deals with the challenges of his homecoming. On Friday, August 18, 2023, The Adults will be released, promising a captivating and impactful cinematic experience. This fascinating investigation into family, identity, and the never-ending journey for self-discovery is not to be missed.


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