Somewhere in Queens (2023)

Somewhere in Queens (2023)

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  • R13 | 1h46 | Comedy, Drama
  • In Theaters: Fri, Apr 21, 2023
  • Cast: Ray Romano, Laurie Metcalf, Tony Lo Bianco... more

The charming narrative of Somewhere in Queens will make you smile, cry, and inspire. On April 21, 2023, the comic-drama Ray Romano directed will be released in theatres. This R-rated film, which has a length of 1 hour and 46 minutes, guarantees a memorable cinematic experience.

Leo Russo, who lives in Queens, New York, is the subject of the documentary Somewhere in Queens. He has a straightforward yet content existence. The charismatic Ray Romano plays Leo, who values his wife Angela, their gifted but reserved son "Sticks," and his close-knit community of Italian-American family and neighbours. Leo enjoys working with his father and younger brother at the family construction company. However, seeing Sticks excel as a star athlete on the high school basketball court is his greatest source of pride.

Leo sees Sticks' chance to play basketball in college as an unexpected chance to provide his kid a great career outside of the family company. Leo sets off on a trip that is full of love, resiliency, and unforeseen difficulties because he is determined to assist Sticks in his aspirations. He goes to tremendous measures, even if it requires exploring unfamiliar territory, to keep his son on this new course.

Somewhere in Queens, directed by Ray Romano and produced by Ron Yerxa, Albert Berger, and Ray Romano, promises to be a real and uplifting depiction of family, dreams, and the strength of unwavering love. In the movie, which is produced by Roadside Attractions, Ray Romano, Laurie Metcalf, Jacob Ward, Sebastian Maniscalco, Tony Lo Bianco, Jennifer Esposito, and Sadie Stanley all shine.

Somewhere in Queens, written by Ray Romano and Mark Stegemann, covers themes of familial ties, selflessness, and the pursuit of goals. It expertly captures the essence of Queens daily life while stressing the shared desire to help and encourage those we love.

Mark Mark April 21, 2023, on your calendar, and order your tickets to see Somewhere in Queens, the uplifting comedy-drama. Take a trip with Leo Russo and his family filled with joy, sorrow, and the triumph of the human spirit. Don't pass up this moving cinematic experience that highlights the importance of following our aspirations and the power of love.


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