Ski for the Love: Home, Sick (2023)

Ski for the Love: Home, Sick (2023)

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  • R13 | 0h45 | Documentary
  • In Theaters: Sun, Dec 10, 2023

The gang returns for their second journey in Ski for the Love: Home, Sick (2023), which is set against an extraordinarily deep winter that held them in place. Josh Anderson, Brandon Craddock, Alex Shugz Dorcynski, Jed Kravitz, and others make up the group, which records their antics in and around Lake Tahoe, even going as far as South Lake Tahoe. Although their surroundings are boldly embraced in this episode—which is called a terrible place—it's still simply another hurdle for them. The movie reflects Dr. Robb Gaffney's philosophy that skiing should always be fun, full of interesting people, and ultimately focused on the enjoyment of the sport. Joining the crew on this exuberant excursion is sure to inspire viewers' enthusiasm and passion for skiing. This story celebrates the passion and friendship that characterize the skiing community rather than merely being about topping slopes.


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