She is Conann (2023)

She is Conann (2023)

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91% -
  • R13 | 1h45 | Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • In Theaters: Wed, Nov 29, 2023
  • Cast: Elina Löwensohn, Julia Riedler, Claire Duburcq... more

SHE IS CONANN (2023) unfolds through the narrative of Rainer, a dog journeying through the abyss, who shares the tale of Conann's six lifetimes. Each lifetime ends with Conann meeting death at the hands of her future self, spanning various epochs, myths, and ages. The story traces her life from childhood as a slave under Sanja and her barbarian horde, to her eventual rise to the heights of brutality, right at the brink of our world.


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