RDX: Robert Dony Xavier (2023)

RDX: Robert Dony Xavier (2023)

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- 75%
  • R13 | 2h31 | Action/Adventure
  • In Theaters: Thu, Aug 31, 2023
  • Cast: Antony Varghese, Shane Nigam, Neeraj Madhav... more

Take a plunge into a world of mystery and tension with RDX: Robert Dony Xavier. Three mysterious characters' lives are exposed in this action-packed adventure, upending them as their identities are unexpectedly disclosed. This cinematic action trip, which is being directed by the talented Nahas Hidayath and written alongside Shabas Rasheed and Adarsh Sukumaran, promises high stakes and heart-stopping scenes. Antony Varghese, Shane Nigam, and Neeraj Madhav all deliver standout performances, and the movie enthralls viewers by drawing them into a maze of peril and secrets. RDX is a tribute to the unintended repercussions of disclosure in a hidden environment as truths and riddles come to light. Don't miss this thrilling adventure that debuts on Thursday, August 31, 2023.


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