Raging Grace (2023)

Raging Grace (2023)

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96% -
  • R13 | 1h39 | Drama, Horror
  • In Theaters: Fri, Dec 1, 2023
  • Cast: Max Eigenmann, Jaeden Paige Boadilla, Leanne Best... more

Raging Grace (2023) explores the difficult existence of Joy (Max Eigenmann), a Filipino immigrant without legal status who tries to support Grace (Jaeden Boadilla). When Joy finds what seems to be the perfect job—taking care of an old, affluent man who is terminally ill—her path takes a positive turn. This opportunity offers the much-needed stability of a home in addition to a considerable income. But as Joy and Grace get used to their new roles, they start to realize that not everything is as simple as it seems. A foreboding undercurrent begins to surface, alluding to unspoken tales and secret realities that lie underneath the surface of their idyllic circumstances. Their future and well-earned stability are at risk due to this disclosure, which has the potential to undo all of their hard work.


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