No More Bets (2023)

No More Bets (2023)

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  • R13 | 2h40 | Drama
  • In Theaters: Tue, Aug 8, 2023
  • Cast: Yixing Zhang, Gina Chen Jin, Mei Yong... more

Enter NO MORE BETS, a compelling story that exposes the murkier sides of the digital era. A gifted Chinese coder and an aspiring model are drawn into a sinister web of deceit when they are drawn abroad by the promise of rich employment prospects. They're forced into a dark web scam, far from home and with no way out, and end up as unwilling pawns in a high-stakes game of deception. This drama, which was written by Ao Shen, Luyang Xu, and Yifan Zhang and directed by the visionary Ao Shen, is further enhanced by the striking performances of actors Yixing Zhang, Gina Chen Jin, and Mei Yong. Anticipate a captivating investigation of aspiration, susceptibility, and the murky recesses of the internet.


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