LIVE (Phat Truc Tiep) (2023)

LIVE (Phat Truc Tiep) (2023)

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  • R13 | 1h31 | Drama, Horror
  • In Theaters: Fri, Nov 17, 2023
  • Cast: Kha Nhu, Hai Trieu... more

In LIVE (PHAT TRUC TIEP), an intense drama, the competitive realm of social media influence is brought to life. The one-hour and thirty-one-minute film centers on Truc, an aspirational Mukbang phenomenon who discovers a medication that substantially intensifies her on-camera eating sprees and catapults her into viral popularity. Renowned reviewer Hoang, in the meantime, becomes embroiled in a fatal controversy that highlights the thin line that separates internet celebrity from the brink of cancel culture. Truc and Hoang are confronted with the unsettling question: What are they willing to give up for their digital empire as they make their way through the harsh landscape of likes, shares, and subscribers? November 17, 2023 marks the release date of this riveting story about ambition and consequences, which is directed by Khuong Ngoc and distributed in the US by 3388 Films.


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