I Like Movies (2022)

I Like Movies (2022)

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100% -
  • R13 | 1h39 | Comedy, Drama
  • In Theaters: Sun, Oct 22, 2023
  • Cast: Isaiah Lehtinen, Alex Ateah, Dan Beirne... more

I LIKE MOVIES is a moving story about coming of age that explores the realm of teenage aspirations and the reality checks that accompany them. It is set in Burlington, Ontario, in 2003. Isaiah Lehtinen plays Lawrence Kweller, a young, ardent movie enthusiast who hopes to enroll in NYU's esteemed Tisch School of the Arts. He gets a job at Sequels, the neighborhood video store, to help finance his goal. But Lawrence's bonds with those closest to him, such his loving mother Terri (Krista Bridges) and best friend Matt Macarchuck (Percy Hynes White), start to deteriorate as the demands of his future get greater. Complicating things further is his changing relationship with Alana, his manager (Romina D'Ugo). Lawrence is forced to face some painful realities about himself as graduation draws near, which sets off a journey of self-discovery and atonement. The essence of youth, ambition, and the painful lessons of growing up are all expertly captured in this humorous drama.


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