Godzilla 2000 (2023)

Godzilla 2000 (2023)

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  • R13 | 1h55 | Concert/Special Events
  • In Theaters: Wed, Nov 1, 2023

The legendary king of monsters makes a triumphant return in Godzilla 2000, putting spectators on the edge of their seats and towns in ruins. When the planet seemed to have reached its pinnacle of ruin, an alien UFO appears and reveals a massive extraterrestrial beast with unmatched destructive capabilities. The stage is set for an incredible clash as this new threat makes its direct path towards the powerful Godzilla. However, Godzilla's powerful heat beam might not be enough to defeat this tough opponent. These giants engage in an epic battle for the ages, with humanity hanging in the balance. Enter this exciting sci-fi action-adventure as Godzilla, the extraterrestrial monster, and the courageous Japanese people engage in a devastating struggle for existence. Get ready for an exciting cinematic experience that will not disappoint!


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