Enter The Dragon 50th Anniversary

Enter The Dragon 50th Anniversary

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  • R13 | 1h52 | Action/Adventure, Concert/Special Events
  • In Theaters: Sun, Aug 13, 2023

Experience Enter the Dragon, the seminal movie that made Bruce Lee a global sensation. Lee's extraordinary talents and charisma are on display in this action-packed martial arts masterwork, which captivates audiences around. Fans can experience the action-packed adventure when this classic movie, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, returns to the big screen.

In the movie Enter the Dragon, Lee plays a martial arts student who has been selected by an intelligence agency. His objective was to take part in a gruelling match hosted at a fortified island outpost. Lee is seeking proof against the international drug trafficker who killed his sister in order to exact revenge. The movie's memorable fight-to-the-death ending, which takes place in a mirror maze where two men must enter but only one can escape, comes to a head as the suspense rises.

With a 1 hour and 52 minute running length, this R-rated movie promises an immersive cinematic experience full of intense action and breath-taking fight scenes. Enter the Dragon exhibits Lee's unmatched talent and martial arts prowess, making an irreplaceable impact on the action genre.

Although uncredited, future stars Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan make memorable appearances in this 1973 martial arts extravaganza as a messenger and Oharra's goon, respectively.

This special showing of Enter the Dragon presents an exceptional chance to honour the film's 50th anniversary and take in Bruce Lee's strength and brilliance on the big screen once more. Don't pass up the opportunity to lose yourself in this thrilling journey that has become a timeless classic.

Mark Sunday, August 13, 2023 on your calendars, and come celebrate Enter the Dragon as it takes you to a world of exciting martial arts, heated rivalries, and one man's search for justice. Experience the heart-pounding thrills that helped Bruce Lee become a world-famous legend as you relive the enchantment of this renowned movie.

Please be aware that this exceptional event, which offers a distinctive cinematic experience that goes beyond conventional film screenings, also falls within the category of concerts and special events.


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