Dream Scenario (2023)

Dream Scenario (2023)

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91% -
  • R13 | 1h40 | Comedy, Horror
  • In Theaters: Fri, Nov 10, 2023
  • Cast: Nicolas Cage, Lily Bird, Julianne Nicholson... more

In Dream Scenario, Nicolas Cage's portrayal of normal family guy Paul Matthews awakens to an extraordinary truth: He is the subject of millions of people's dreams all around the world. However, as the dreams turn nightmare-like, this unexpected fame takes a terrible turn. This dark comedy develops as Paul struggles to deal with the growing mayhem, putting viewers on the verge of laughter and dread. This cinematic treat, which is directed by Kristoffer Borgli and produced by the brilliant Ari Aster, features a cast that includes Julianne Nicholson and Michael Cera. Discover how one man manages being the star of the world's slumber by delving into a realm where the distinction between dreams and reality is hazy.


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