Chicken for Linda! (2024)

Chicken for Linda! (2024)

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  • R13 | 1h16 | Animated, Drama
  • In Theaters: Fri, Apr 5, 2024

Paulette is ridden with guilt after wrongly punishing her daughter Linda and is determined to make amends. Linda's simple request for a meal of chicken with peppers, reminiscent of her father's cooking, sets off a chain of events when a general strike shuts down stores across town. As Paulette embarks on a frantic quest to fulfill her promise and find chicken for Linda, chaos ensues. Directors Chiara Malta and Sébastien Laudenbach (known for The Girl Without Hands) present a visually stunning animated tale, featuring vibrant color-blocked characters and blending slapstick comedy, music, and family drama. Through their journey, Paulette and Nina confront unspoken grief and strive to bridge the gap between them with a meal that holds deeper significance.


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