Blippi's Big Dino Adventure (2023)

Blippi's Big Dino Adventure (2023)

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  • R13 | 1h8 | Family
  • In Theaters: Fri, Aug 25, 2023

Take a trip back in time with BLIPPI'S BIG DINO ADVENTURE! Explore the fantastical world where two intrepid adventurers, Blippi and Meekah, join forces with Park Ranger Asher at the renowned T-Rex Ranch. The objective? before they hatch, to locate and return the unexplainedly missing dinosaur eggs. This journey promises to make you laugh and scream, with crazy chases, critical map deciphering, and even unexpected egg discoveries in bizarre locations like a ball pit. Our dynamic combo just barely saves the day as the clock is running out. And the ultimate showdown? A wonderfully joyous Dinosaur Dance! This movie is a must-see for family movie nights since it will enthrall and excite audiences of all ages.


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