Barber (2023)

Barber (2023)

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67% -
  • R13 | 1h30 | Drama
  • In Theaters: Fri, Sep 22, 2023
  • Cast: Aidan Gillen, Aisling Kearns, Gary Lydon... more

In the suspenseful thriller Barber (2023), Val Barber is a skilled private eye whose latest case tests every aspect of his knowledge. His aim is to solve the mystery of a wealthy widow's missing granddaughter. Every piece of information he discovers as he investigates the case reveals more than just the location of a young woman; instead, it weaves a web of intrigue, family secrets, and ulterior purposes. This cinematic voyage, which was directed by Fintan Connolly and written by the creative team of Fiona Bergin and Fintan Connolly, is brought to life by the captivating performances of Aidan Gillen, Aisling Kearns, and Gary Lydon. The movie Barber, slated for release on September 22, 2023, promises to be suspenseful and full of surprising twists.


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