American Fiction (2023)

American Fiction (2023)

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  • R13 | 2h40 | Comedy, Drama
  • In Theaters: Fri, Dec 15, 2023
  • Cast: Jeffrey Wright, Tracee Ellis Ross, John Ortiz... more

In American Fiction, a clever comedy-drama starring Jeffrey Wright as author Thelonious Monk Ellison, get ready to be entertained and educated. This feature-length film is directed by noted author Cord Jefferson and is based on Percival Everett's best-selling novel Erasure. On November 3, 2023, American Fiction will be released in theatres with an excellent ensemble cast that includes Elle Sciore, Issa Rae, and Adam Brody.

Jeffrey Wright vividly portrays Thelonious Monk Ellison, a complicated man who struggles with the obstacles of literary achievement, in this provocative comedy-drama. As it adapts Everett's widely praised novel, the movie explores themes of identity, creativity, and the intricacies of the publishing business.

Infusing American Fiction with wit, charm, and a strong eye for storytelling, Cord Jefferson, recognised for his outstanding work on popular shows like Watchmen, Master of None, and Succession, demonstrates his directing prowess. Percival Everett and Cord Jefferson's co-written screenplay expertly adapts the subtleties of the original work to the big screen, making it a must-see for both readers of the book and newbies.

Exceptional performances by Elle Sciore, Issa Rae, and Adam Brody give the film's engaging characters more nuance and reality. As the plot develops, American Fiction combines comedy and drama to create a tapestry that examines the struggle of the artist, social pressures, and the quest for artistic fulfilment.

American Fiction is the ideal pick if you're seeking for a movie that mixes insightful storytelling with amusing and reflective moments. Enter Thelonious Monk Ellison's world as he struggles with the idea of artistic honesty and negotiates the nuances of the literary world. Take in the clever comedy-drama's brilliance and lose yourself in the alluring world of American Fiction.


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