A Disturbance in the Force (2023)

A Disturbance in the Force (2023)

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  • R13 | 1h27 | Documentary
  • In Theaters: Thu, Oct 26, 2023
  • Cast: Seth Green, Weird Al Yankovic, Kevin Smith... more

With the debut of Star Wars, a ground-breaking movie that not only revitalized the motion picture business but also revolutionized film production and marketing, the cinematic landscape was permanently changed in 1977. But a lesser-known episode of the Star Wars series debuted the following year: the Star Wars Holiday Special. This two-hour CBS Thanksgiving week 1978 special drew 13 million people, but it was so poorly received that it was never repeated. Many people are still puzzled as to why this show, which has been called one of the worst in TV history, even exists. A Disturbance in the Force explores this mysterious episode in depth, revealing the background to its production and its significance in Star Wars mythology. This documentary aims to clarify a strange period in television history that perplexed both viewers and critics.


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