AMC Ward Parkway 14

AMC Ward Parkway 14 - 8600 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64114
8600 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64114

Welcome to AMC Ward Parkway 14, a premier movie theater in Kansas City, Missouri, 64114, at 8600 Ward Parkway. Offering a variety of facilities to improve your movie-going experience, AMC is dedicated to delivering extraordinary cinematic experiences.

Modern technology in our cinema, such as digital projection and reserved seating, ensures that you will have the highest picture quality and a comfortable viewing experience. In order to help you avoid lineups and get to your movie faster, we also provide practical ticketing solutions like smartphone tickets and print-at-home tickets.

The right to use special pricing options for one-of-a-kind in-theater events is reserved by AMC Ward Parkway 14. The newest and most thrilling movies, including 3D and IMAX presentations, are what we work hardest to bring you. To enjoy a three-dimensional cinematic adventure, check for films labeled "Digital 3D" if you're looking for an immersive and exciting experience. Please be aware that there can be additional fees associated with premium services, IMAX, alternative material, and 3D.

We have clear rules in place with regard to age policies. Adults 60 and over can purchase senior tickets, which provide older audience members a lower admission price. Children between the ages of 2 and 12 can purchase child tickets, giving families an economical choice. Students with appropriate student identification who are 13 years of age or older are eligible for discounted tickets.

Visitors under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian who is at least 21 years old when seeing rated-R movies. Additionally, anyone under the age of 25 must show a valid ID to enter rated-R movies. We take these steps to provide a suitable and safe viewing experience for all of our visitors.

We have put in place procedures to improve the movie-going experience for our adult audience in an effort to establish a distraction-free environment. No young children under the age of six are allowed into R-rated films after 6 o'clock. Adults who attend nighttime showings can watch the film uninterrupted, making for a more engaging and entertaining experience.

We are committed to offering the best possible movie enjoyment at AMC Ward Parkway 14. We work hard to provide a first-class cinematic experience, whether you're watching the newest blockbuster in 2D or losing yourself in an exhilarating 3D adventure. Immerse yourself in the world of cinema by visiting our theater, which is conveniently situated at 8600 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64114. Purchase your tickets right away to experience an unforgettable cinematic voyage at AMC Ward Parkway 14.

Ticket Pricing Table for AMC Ward Parkway 14

Ticket Type


Adult (age 13-59)

Starting from $12.99

Child (age 2-12)

Starting from $9.99

Senior (age 60+)

Starting from $10.99

Student (with valid ID)

Starting from $11.99

Please be aware that ticket prices are subject to change and may vary depending on factors such as showtimes, special events, promotions, the day of the week, time of the day, location of the theater, and the type of movie (e.g., 2D, 3D, IMAX, Dolby, etc.).


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