AMC Merchants Crossing 16

AMC Merchants Crossing 16 - 15201 N. Cleveland Ave., North Fort Myers, FL 33903
15201 N. Cleveland Ave., North Fort Myers, FL 33903

Popular movie theatre AMC Merchants Crossing 16 is situated at 15201 N. Cleveland Ave., North Fort Myers, FL 33903. We work hard to give our devoted customers at AMC Merchants Crossing 16 the greatest moviegoing experience possible. We guarantee that every visit to our theatre is enjoyable and unforgettable thanks to our cutting-edge facilities and first-rate amenities.

AMC reserves the right to use specific pricing alternatives for one-of-a-kind in-theatre experiences when it comes to ticket prices. To meet the needs of various age groups and tastes, we provide a variety of ticket types. Details are as follows:

  • Adult Tickets: For moviegoers 13 and older, our adult tickets are ideal. Our adult tickets, which start at a low price and give you admission to all regular screenings, are perfect whether you want to see the newest blockbuster or an independent gem.
  • Tickets for Seniors: Because we cherish our senior visitors, we provide discounted tickets for adults ages 60 and above. Enjoy your favourite films at a discounted price that is only for you.
  • Child tickets: Take the little ones to the movie with you. Children 2 to 12 years old can purchase our child tickets. Our theatre is a fantastic option for family entertainment because it features age-appropriate content and a cosy viewing space.
  • Student tickets: We recognise that students also appreciate a good film. For this reason, we give students with proper student identification who are 13 years old or older discounted tickets. Visit AMC Merchants Crossing 16 to take a break from your studies and immerse yourself in the world of cinema.

We have put in place a policy to improve the pleasure of R-rated films in the evenings for our customers who desire a distraction-free entertainment experience. We respectfully ask that no children under the age of 6 be admitted to these features after 6 o'clock in order to maintain a comfortable environment for adults.

Our goal at AMC Merchants Crossing 16 is to make every moviegoing experience unforgettable. We strive to make your visit hassle-free by providing convenient facilities including mobile tickets, print at home tickets, reserved seating, and ticket kiosks.

Come see the newest blockbusters, compelling tales, and engaging movie experiences at AMC Merchants Crossing 16. At our theatre, experience the wonder of the big screen and engage in the cinematic universe. We are eager to have you join us for a memorable cinema experience.

Ticket Pricing Table for AMC Merchants Crossing 16

Ticket Type


Adult (age 13-59)

Starting from $10.99

Child (age 2-12)

Starting from $7.99

Senior (age 60+)

Starting from $8.99

Student (with valid ID)

Starting from $9.99

Please be aware that ticket prices are subject to change and may vary depending on factors such as showtimes, special events, promotions, the day of the week, time of the day, location of the theater, and the type of movie (e.g., 2D, 3D, IMAX, Dolby, etc.).