AMC DINE-IN Rio Cinemas 18

AMC DINE-IN Rio Cinemas 18 - 9811 Washingtonian Blvd., Gaithersburg, MD 20878
9811 Washingtonian Blvd., Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Welcome to the 9811 Washingtonian Blvd. location of Gaithersburg, Maryland's AMC DINE-IN Rio Cinemas 18. Our goal is to give you the finest movie-watching experience imaginable. To make your stay convenient, comfortable, and pleasurable, our theater provides a wide selection of amenities and services.

Every moviegoer has different preferences, and we at AMC DINE-IN Rio Cinemas 18 are aware of this. We provide a range of exclusive price options for one-of-a-kind in-theatre experiences as a result. You can select the unique price option that best meets your needs because AMC reserves the right to use it.

We start our feature presentations 10 to 15 minutes after the scheduled showtimes. By doing this, you can be sure that you will have ample time to unwind before the film starts and to grab your favorite food. We provide 3D movies with the "Digital 3D" description to improve your moviegoing experience. Please be aware that not all movies are shown in 3D because Digital 3D may not be accessible in all theaters. In addition, our theater offers IMAX films, which provide immersive sound and larger-than-life graphics for a really compelling experience. Please be aware that there are additional fees associated with IMAX, alternative content, and premium services.

We take pleasure in offering amenities that will make your entire stay delightful. You can have some fun before or after your movie in our theater's game room. We provide mobile tickets and print-at-home tickets for your convenience, letting you bypass the ticket counter lineups and head straight to the movie of your choice. With our option for reserved seating, you may choose your chosen seats in advance, ensuring a cozy location for you and your companions. Every seat in the house is a wonderful seat because to the stadium seating arrangement's unimpeded views of the screen. In order to ensure that everyone can enjoy the movies, we also have ticket kiosks available for quick and simple ticket purchasing. Additionally, our theater is wheelchair accessible.

We have multiple categories for ticket pricing to accommodate different age groups. Adults 60 years of age and older can purchase senior tickets at a reduced price. Children between the ages of 2 and 12 can purchase child tickets, making a day at the movies more inexpensive for families. By producing a legitimate student ID, students 13 and older can purchase student tickets. Please be aware that not all ticket kinds might be offered for every showings, so it's always a good idea to verify the cost and availability for your preferred film.

We have particular rules for Rated-R movies to make sure everyone has a good time. Under-17 guests must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian who is at least 21 years old. Additionally, for R-rated movies, those under 25 must present identification. All moviegoers can feel safe and have a good time thanks to these rules.

We have established an age restriction for R-rated films in the evenings in an effort to provide enjoyment that isn't interrupted. Please respect our request that no children under the age of six be admitted after 6 o'clock in order to enhance the experience for adults attending these events. This makes it possible for adults to watch a movie uninterrupted and improves the overall watching experience for everyone.

DINE-IN AMC Rio Cinemas 18 is committed to providing outstanding moviegoing experiences. With everything we do, from our first-rate amenities to our client-centered services, we work to make your stay memorable and pleasurable. Come experience the wonder of the big screen with us in Gaithersburg.

Ticket Pricing Table for AMC DINE-IN Rio Cinemas 18

Ticket Type


Adult (age 13-59)

Starting from $12.99

Child (age 2-12)

Starting from $9.99

Senior (age 60+)

Starting from $9.99

Student (with valid ID)

Starting from $11.99

Please be aware that ticket prices are subject to change and may vary depending on factors such as showtimes, special events, promotions, the day of the week, time of the day, location of the theater, and the type of movie (e.g., 2D, 3D, IMAX, Dolby, etc.).