AMC Anaheim GardenWalk 6

AMC Anaheim GardenWalk 6 - 400 West Disney Way, Anaheim, CA 92802
400 West Disney Way, Anaheim, CA 92802

AMC Anaheim GardenWalk 6 is a movie theater located at 400 West Disney Way, Anaheim, CA 92802. It offers a variety of amenities and services to enhance the movie-watching experience for its patrons. Some of the amenities available at AMC Anaheim GardenWalk 6 include listening devices, mobile tickets, print at home tickets, reserved seating, ticket kiosk, and wheelchair accessibility. These amenities cater to the needs of different individuals, ensuring a comfortable and convenient visit to the theater.

The AMC Anaheim GardenWalk 6 has the following ticket policies: senior tickets are accessible to seniors 60 and over, kid tickets are available to children 2 to 12 years old, and students 13 and older can get tickets at a discount with a valid student ID. It's crucial to keep in mind that not all ticket kinds might be offered for all shows, so it's a good idea to verify the theater's availability and schedule before visiting.

Individuals under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian who is at least 21 years old to see films that are rated R. Additionally, anyone under 25 must present ID to see movies with a R rating. These regulations guarantee adherence to age limitations and promote a welcoming environment for viewers of all demographics.

Children under the age of six are not allowed into R-rated films after 6 o'clock, per AMC Anaheim GardenWalk 6 policy, which aims to provide a distraction-free entertainment experience. This makes sure that adults who watch R-rated movies in the evenings can do so without being bothered.

Ticket Pricing Table for AMC Anaheim GardenWalk 6

Ticket Type


Adult (age 13-59)

Starting from $12.99

Child (age 2-12)

Starting from $9.99

Senior (age 60+)

Starting from $10.99

Student (with valid ID)

Starting from $11.99


Starting from $15.99


Starting from $13.99


Starting from $19.99


Starting from $17.99

Please be aware that ticket prices are subject to change and may vary depending on factors such as showtimes, special events, promotions, the day of the week, time of the day, location of the theater, and the type of movie (e.g., 2D, 3D, IMAX, Dolby, etc.).